Build 5 fold high power-powered live alive cell

London: Cambridge University specialists have made a living cell consisting of 5 times more effective today’s power-powered batteries. British scientists have created cells that duplicate photocopying penalties – they work in the same manner as plants raise the sunlight. It can also be called artificial address. For this, they have used algebraic cells that are commonly found in the power plant.

When the ultimate photography passes through the process of orthodox punishment, it produces electrons. Some of these electrons exit them, which can be collected from a technology. Cells built on the same principle are called the bio-photolytic (BPV) cell.
They work in two ways, first charging, electronically light and second-energy delivery in which the electronics are sent to the electric circuit.

Kadi Lis Sar, an engineer making it, has said that it has to be kept in the sunlight in the process of charging, while the sunlight does not require energy transfer to transfer energy into the energy process. This enhances the whole process.

There are two chambers of this cell, each of which you can adapt to your needs. At the same time, it can store energy that can be used later. Thus biological solar cells can also be used during the night. Such a charging and energy-efficient system can create a very effective system, then the whole process can be very small. When the cells are small, liquid flow and other items work well, and the energy is minimized at least.

This cell made of algebra is better in many ways, and it can use solar energy very well. Cambridge experts say that this technology has been developed for poor countries where the sunshine in full style, but the serious crisis of electricity.

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