Wisdom of the team creates the burden out, Advice to Waseem Akram

In an interview, Waseem Akram said that during the break in the morning, during the innings I went home and came back after almost 50 minutes, 6 players were out, it was a blow to the situation, New Zealand tour was difficult, our The team also faced difficulties in the era, but still we used to lose weight, unfortunately, the current body body of the present day does not seem positive.

The former captain said that I have been saying 25 years to make 4 runs per over in the over, the batsmen have become adolescent of the pitch, bouncing on bounces and swing, Shoaib Malik’s foot is not accurate, experienced batsman Performing out, whoever does not run runs out.
Waseem Akram said, “I have been listening for Sarfraz Ahmed to bat at the top of the top, but I think it is better to play at 7 or 8th if the team is following a big score.” Then they can come up but Sarfraz cannot always fly on fifth or sixth.

Former leader said that our balls have been accustomed to Reverse Swing in the IEE, but New Zealand does not do it on pitches, Mohammad Amir failed for that. Former spinner Abdul Qadir said that the tour of New Zealand was started a month ago, the team did not have this insertion, but did not trust the batting, who had bowled the balloon bowlers, now forced to think that the Champions trophy tired Did not seem to be

Former spinner said that the foreign coach did not have the team, the non-cricketers sitting in the PCB did not even think about winning the necklace, their attention was on the league, the board should be handed over to the cricketer cricketers.

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