Tennis: New female players are hoping to win the Australian Open

Tennis’s first Grand Slam tournament is starting on Monday from January 15. This is the first major tournament of this year’s year and is hosted by Melbourne City every year. In the absence of America’s tennis star Serena Williams, many emerging women players are hoping that they can win the Australian Open. These are especially important in Romania’s Samples Heliport and Caroline Vodnaya of Denmark. Vajpayee cannot be counted in new players but he has not won any major tournament yet.

Serena Williams is now a mother after marriage and she did not attend the last two tournaments last year. He expected he would attend the Australian Open but could not.
In the absence of Serena Williams in the French Open in the year 2017, Zelena Ostopenko won the victory and the US emerging new player Sylon Stephen was awarded the honor to win the trophy in the US Open. After the success in these tournaments, both of these players are performing poorly.

In this case, Romania’s Semun Help’s possibilities are considered more. In the past five years, he joined the first five positions in the World Ranking, but his success graph went down. That’s exactly what Caroline Voznanyakki has, she has been the world number one, but no one was able to win a Grand Slam tournament.
Last year, Wimbledon, Spanish woman Garben Mugorosa, is also in need of engines and is not fully fit. Experts are not able to say anything confidential about their success.

In recent months, a new freshness has been seen in the Vodernyky’s game. In this context, he himself says that he has improved every game of the game and he hopes that Australian can succeed in the open. Simone Help says he will put red wear Zeb in the Australian Open because he thinks that color is happy for him.

Apart from this, there are many more emerging women, experts on the game have expressed that they are able to reach the final stages of the tournament. Experts believe that one of the new women’s players can win the Australian Open.

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