Hanif Khan’s victim, ignored in the hockey awards

His great player and former national captain Hanif Khan was a victim of PHF, while World XI was not able to join national players receiving the opportunity to visit Pakistan.

World Hockey Alliance is going to reach Kolkata on 18 January 18, World Xiamen former ex-international players will attend the Flood Light match on Karachi’s Abdulstar Edhi Hockey Club of Pakistan Stadium on the next day of their arrival, matches under PHF At the end of the day, the national players serving Pakistan with the foreign players will be awarded the Stage Award.

According to sources, the nominated foreign players for the awards will be given Rs 3, 3,000, while national players will be given 5, 5 lakh rupees, for the award, PHF has won five former national captains, Opposition Reformuddin Siddiqui, Hassan Sardar, Shahbaz Senior Member of the Honeymoon Rasheed, Akhtar Rasool and Self Federation Federation.

National Football President Brigadier (R) Mohammad Khalid Khokhar took the personal interest while directing PHA to the well known PHI, named Flying Horse, in the hockey competition, to include awards named among the hockey constituencies. Unfortunately, but on the other hand, the federation did not think of the award-winning the former National Captain Olympian Hanif Khan, dismissing them.

It is clear that the PHF’s current manager is not happy with Hanif Khan, while the Bajaj-ul-Haq, who was replaced for the World Cup, was hanging out of the national team’s head coach by blaming Hanif Khan for performing unhealthy performance in the qualifying round. The Karachi-based Olympics Hanif Khan was part of a national hockey team who won the Gold Medal at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, while in 1976, at the National Squad, which won the medal at the Montreal Olympics in 1976.

According to Hanif Khan, in the 1983 and 1984, there were silver medals in Pakistan in the Champions Trophy in Karachi, Pakistan under the leadership of Pakistan also won the Asia Cup held in Dhaka in 1985, while in the same year, they have played Pakistan in the Champions Trophy in Leith, Australia. The fourth position Hanif Khan was honored as a member of the Berlin Medal in the Azlan Shah Cup in Doliai and the city of Apollo, Malaysia, in honor of a highly appreciated service in Pakistan, Hanif Khan was awarded Presidential Performance Performance in 1984, and in 2014 President Zardari Gave the star discrimination.

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