Running cycle does not harm men’s sexual health

Studies have shown that cycling does not affect bad men’s sexual health and the body. Researchers conducted the health and health of cyclists with healthy swimming pools and riders and found that the health of them all was the same.

Earlier, a study stated that running cycles has negative effects on men’s sexual abilities. The author of this new study said that the benefits of running cycles have eliminated all the concerns. 2774 bicycle riders were surveyed in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. While the survey included 539 swimming pools and 789 racing people.They were asked about their sexual health and systematic systems.

The results of sexual health and bodybuilding systems were similar in those groups, but some cyclists had complained of urination of urinary tract.There was no difference between those who were running more and fewer cycles.

The study published in the Europa-based study states that their results are disrupted by past research, which suggests that cycling has a negative effect on the ability of sex.
Benjamin Bairer, the study of the study, said cycling ‘blood vessel to heart could benefit from unhappiness and effect on joints.’

According to the study, although cyclone is a problem of unhealthy or sleeping during cycling, 20% of the time during cycling can be reduced if it is spent. Researchers say they will study the issue of the future during their research, and complain about being irritable or unhealthy so that they can know if this problem indicates any difficulty in the future.

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