Hockey Olympics Federation has a year, demanding resignation from Shahbaz

Former Olympic Games broke out against Pakistan Hockey Federation, Secretary PHF Shahbaz demanded the resignation of the senior.

The Los Angeles Olympics 1984 winner Mansoor Jennifer was on the last National Olympic Stadium Lahore Lahore Olympic Games Salim Nazim, Olympic Khawaja Jinned, Col. Mohsen, Assistant Secretary PHF Olympics Khalid Bashir and former team manager of team Col. (R) Mohsen. In the joint press conference, the secretary of the Federation called for Shahbaz Senior to resign on charges of alleged corruption, financial disadvantages, denominations, and conflicts.

He said that there are no selectors and coaches available in the Hassan Sardar as the chief selector of the chief selector, Chief Sardar, adding that he will not benefit Pakistan team as a leader. He further added that Working for some 35 years with a federation, the team did not benefit from being there, they would have mercy on the national game.

Former National Headquarters Khawaja Jinned said that Shahbaz Senior has no plan to improve hockey, he is not doing anything other than politics, he has been following the policy to spend on the appointment of co-operative coach, the national team in my coaching Despite the presence of juniors despite the qualification for the World Cup, I was fired.

Olympic Slam Nazim said that the Congress meeting of the federation was irrelevant, non-existent meeting proceedings, anti-constitutional expenses, financial disadvantages made questions on current management, which was expressed by the majority of members in the Congress meeting.

Khalid Bashir, Assistant Secretary of the Pakistan Hockey Federation, said that Shahbaz should resign senior, not oppose the foreign coach, but in this case, Shahbaz wants his foreign friend to coach the national team, which has no experience in this field. He said that PHF’s current management has made the history of corruption, it is happy to take notice of other institutions including NAB.

Colonel Mohsin Ali, former manager of the national team said that Shahbaz Senior is under the charge of worst corruption and misconduct, they should resign.

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