In New Zealand’s One-Day series, Green Shirts have faced the challenge of defeat.

Having lost the first time, Chavez took advantage of home-conditioning in Wellington and Nelson, taking out the Pakistani team out of class, could bat with green shorts, not to bowl with Bollershettel, and if the next match arises, the weather interrupted.

The highest disappointing performance in both the competitions was the top order, after the opening of the opening match opener Fakhrirman in the first match, Mohammad Hafeez made a lot of resistance while making a lot of trouble. Only Taylor Shadab Khan and Hassan Ali shook off the seniors in difficult times, did not look at anybody else, dropped out of defeat and save the series, Pakistan cricketers did a full practice session in Donald last day, after fielding practice Happened.

The special order of the players in the net continued, the top order batsman Azhar Ali, Imam ul Haq, Babar Azam and Mohammad Hafeez kept struggling to overcome their technical flaws, the batting armor Grant Flora exercised to improve the bounces of balls. Shoaib Malik also played a long batting session while bowling, head coach also kept looking at the strokes of the batsman, and he seemed to be very fascinating to improve, Shoaib Malik also performed a long batting session, bowlers did his way towards improving coach and lane in the direction of coaches, Bowling coach Azhar Mahmood Along with the performance of Hassan Ali and Fahim Ashraf closely consulting.

The batting coach Grant Flora of the series found survival in the series, saying that Kavez scored the finest batsmen in the last two matches, pressuring the batsmen struggling easily on the bounces. One reason was that the players had played in the country or similar couples, some of them were playing for the first time in New Zealand, they said 2 difficulties to get out of the difficult situation, one of them There are a mental strength and second work, both of which are taking care of the training.

Coaching Staff has tried to maintain confidence by increasing the courage of the players, hard work on the technical issues in the net, especially in the top order, focused on top order, Grant Flowers said that the team has shown excellent performance in the last several matches. The best players are included, their skills are not overnight, at that time the thinking of all the players is positive, and the pitch on the pitch would have been traditionally reduced, so the batting line will be able to perform better.

Grant Floor said that in the last match, Pakistan bowling was generally good but in New Zealand, the expectations did not come up with expectations, due to lack of use of local standards. However, coaches in Net, while working in Net, worked to improve the use of line and length and bounces, hopefully, its practical expression will also be seen in the third-day and guest team performs as a unit and return to the series. Will come.

Fielding coach said that after the low-back in the Champions Trophy, Green Shirts used to compete with the best of their capabilities and captured the title against Kaware. Philover said that the host of the host team was a good debut and player. I am aware of my conditioning habits, I think they will not need any change in the plowing ion.

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