Samsung Galaxy S Nain will be presented next month

New York: Samsung has announced that its flagship smartphone, Galaxy S. Knine will be presented next month.

According to the technology website, The Goddess, the company’s president, DJ Koh, confirmed that he would soon launch a new mobile set, but he did not give his final date. It is likely that the new smartphone will be launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) annual conference that is held in Barcelona next month in Barcelona.

According to analysts, the Galaxy S Known Plus will be featured with Galaxy S. Knine. Earlier, Samsung presented a Galleries SIT and SET Plus phone. The design and camera of both of these models were liked, and in the meantime consumers also complained of the incident of the Gillian Note Seon, which had many batteries around the globe, and then not only the Galleries Note Seon. It had to come back but it also affected the reputation of the company.

However, Samsung’s new phone details are not in front of yet. It is believed that the place of fingerprint sensor underneath the camera will be replaced by consumers who are troubling consumers and will be better positioned when it costs about Rs 80 to 90 thousand rupees. DJ Koh has said that he has a flexible phone call in 2018, which could be a pleasant experience for consumers in many ways. However, the exact meaning of the foldable is not yet clear. It is clear that the MWC annual festival will continue from February 26 to March.

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