A few latest and amazing inventions of technology

Las Vegas: The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held every year in the US, which people attend from around the world and enjoy the tools and services available here.

Most of the home appliances are offered in their largest exhibition of electronics devices and their order is received. Like previous years, this show was also held in Las Vegas, which is very popular. In this image album, we offer some of the best products and details. The Feldy Mate Company has made a robot smash that handles fabrics to the hands of you.

One more focus on electronics exhibitions in Las Vegas is Innovation Inn Warbirds, in which you can quickly translate a conversation into many languages ​​in the world. One company, Myanmar technology, has created brain-catching and stress-remedying headphones that are very popular.

The famous company Nitrogen, a skin-making company, made the skin identifier Askin scanner. The image is examining a skin scanner quickly. Thary D printer is noisy around the world. Degrassi has developed a third de printer, which is less expensive and produces many types of goods.

The small cabinets that appear in this CES photo are full of fragrance. Simply give a signal to your app and your favorite choice will take the perfume office room. Seeing your make-up smart-mounted smartphone which can be better or worse, it’s also placed in the CES that can connect with Amazon’s Home Assistant Alexa. The Toyota company has introduced the newest van, which can be converted to a hospital, shop or office on the go.

Sony introduced an Extra X-to-Ultra Phone that can also be a compilation video. Locks are also smart now. A lock placed in CES can be rechargeable and opens only from the fingerprint of its owner. Japanese pet robots have a lot of animals and animals are concentrating in such an intelligent robot dog ice ces.

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