In case of a heart attack, treatment of men for men is equally uniform

A new study has shown that medical assistance is given to the men when a heart attack occurs, if such medical aid is provided to women, their deaths are less.

Researchers reviewed medical results of 180,368 Swedenians who had had a heart attack during ten years. They found that after a heart attack in a year, compared to men, there was more than three times the risk of women’s death.

According to the British Heart Foundation: ‘A visit to the heart is usually seen as an issue of men’s health but compared to breast cancer, women are more killed due to a heart attack.The researchers at the University of AIDS University and Carolin’s Institute of Sweden reviewed the material obtained from Sweden’s online cardiac registry. The researchers found that the treatment that is recommended after a heart attack, women get the average lower than men.

Chris Gill, Professor of Leeds University, who is also a co-author of this research, said that due to “there are false concepts related to a heart attack in the public and healthcare professionals.” He said: ‘Usually, when we think of a heart attack patient, our imagination comes from a middle-aged man, whose weight is high, he is a diabetic disease and his smoking.

‘But it does not always happen. A heart attack affects a wide range of population including women. Women are likely to get less than 34 percent of medical facilities such as bypass surgery or stunts for cleaning heart diseases in a particular heart condition. Statten medicines suggested to prevent women from getting a second visit to the heart, are also likely to get 24% less, while 16 percent less likely to prevent aspirin to prevent bleeding.

In fact, all three things are treated as sexually suggestive sex. This research also found that if women have all the suggested treatment, their death likely decreases in every situation compared to men.

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