Amazing Japanese technology showing the image of thinking on screen

Japanese specialists have demonstrated an amazing technology that can read your thinking and show on its mirror screen. The technique of this technique is a special software used by the artificial intellect (artificial intelligence) that shows the details on a TV display, knowing the details when viewing or thinking. It can be called a mental eye.

This process can be considered like scientific stories or movies, which people see their memories re-watching and recording on the screen. A film such as ‘Black Mirror’ was also popularized in which human memory was shown while forwarding and relying on. Yuki Yasu Kamatani, Professor of Kyoto University’s Coming Laboratory, has done this with his team. Seeing FMI scan, he has used a neural network that reads the electrical signal from the blood transformation through the brain through these scans.

The data obtained from the brain scan was shown on the screen in which volunteers were told that they could be considered as an oven, a glass window or red dumplings. Then volunteers were asked to consider the marks of hands, square shapes, swimming, bowling balls, goldfish or cross (cross). Then reading the mental scan, the software made similar images of the screen on the screen that people thought or imagined after viewing.

By improving this technique, ideas, memories, and other mental pictures and thought of thinking will be smooth on the screen. However, its accuracy may vary in every person. A research based on these investigations has appeared on the website called “BioArixv”.

Experts have said in their research, ‘We have introduced a new way to show pictures of mental thinking. In this man sees an eye and his mental activity is seen in Pixel, which features the features of the Deep Norele Network. This way the brain is shown in several levels in the same way.

When photographs of human eyes were viewed by a mirror, the Nortel Network was amazingly similar to the scenes they were looking for. According to Yuki Yasu, this whole system reads pictures of mental activity and this model has been trained on the first natural scenes, but if it is a watchful, round and trimmed item, it also reads its mind on its screen Displays

It is clear that the neural network learns the same way as we try to learn or understand something by reading or viewing an item. These artificial networks can be able to identify any information even if it is text, text or any photo. On the same basis, face-catching networks have also been created.
The Kyoto Expert team has shown and trained Deep Natural Network 50 natural scenes first. After this, volunteers were showing scenes by reading their FMRI and trying to re-create these images that have been very successful and have been described in these pictures. However, this network can be further improved.

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