World Cup: 8 years later in Portugal-Spain match today, Ramos-Ronaldo, who plays with the same club, will face face-to-face

World Cup: 8 years later in Portugal-Spain match today, Ramos-Ronaldo, who plays with the same club, will face face-to-face. Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Sergio Ramos of Spain both play for Real Madrid Club.

Moscow will take on the second day of the World Cup on Friday, 3 matches. First – Egypt and Uruguay, second – Morocco and Iran and third – will be played between Portugal and Spain Interestingly, Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo, who play Real Madrid in the third match, will face to face. Ramos Spain and Ronaldo are Portugal’s captain.

Spain-Portugal face-to-face in World Cup

In the 2010 World Cup, Spain and Portugal played against each other. Spain won in Spain 1-0. After that, there will be another match between the two today. There have been 35 international matches between the two. Spain scored 72 and Portugal scored 41 goals.

One day before the start of the tournament, Spain dismissed chief coach Julien Loptegai. Now the director of the game Fernando Hierro has been given this responsibility. However, Captain Sergio Ramos claims that this will not affect the team’s performance.

Ramos and Ronaldo competing with the same club

Meanwhile, Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, would not want to go empty-handed from the World Cup this time. Ramos is also the captain of Ronaldo’s club Real Madrid. In his leadership, the team recently won the Champions League title. At the same time, Ronaldo scored the most goals in the Champions League. It would be interesting to see how much Ronaldo is doing to his club captain during the match.

Morocco playing in World Cup after 20 years

In the World Cup, Morocco and Iran have not played a single match against each other. Both teams are also in the FIFA rankings. Iran is 37th and Morocco is number 41 on the team. Friendly matches against Greece of Greece and Kosovo were canceled It has shocked his preparations, but he is Asia’s greatest team. In such a scenario, he would like to push the Asian challenge by winning his first match in the World Cup. Morocco is taking part in the World Cup for the first time since 1998.

Egypt’s salah fitted himself to match against Uruguay

Both have played just one match against each other. Uruguay won 2-0 in that match on 16 August 2006. Egypt has qualified for the World Cup 28 years later. However, due to the start of the tournament, Mohammed Salah was injured due to injury. On Thursday night, Salah announced that he is fit to fight against Uruguay. Salah was injured during the UEFA Championship.

The performance of Uruguay in the last two World Cups has been fantastic. Uruguay made it to the last 16 in 2010 in the fourth and 2014 World Cup. Uruguay, who has twice been a World Cup champion, has not lost a single match in the last 18 matches. He is also far ahead of Egypt in the FIFA rankings. Uruguay is the 14th and 45th ranking of Egypt.