Cristiano Ronaldo can marry girlfriends after FIFA World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo can marry after the FIFA World Cup-2011. His supposed wife will be none other but his girlfriend, Georgina Rodrigues. Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores, is pointing to this.

Spanish He told Georgia Rodriguez in a future interview in a multi-future He said that he is not his daughter yet, but he will be ahead. If the news is to be believed, then this couple can marry after the FIFA World Cup.

In response to a question about Ronaldo and Rodriguez, he said that he is not my daughter, but he is a multi-faceted futurist. He talked about the 24-year model that he respected me. Looks good to children. She is special for us. At the same time, talking about the son said, – When we are small, many things do so, which should not be done.

Even before leaving Russia, Ronaldo and Georgina were seen together spending quality time together. Hopefully, Russia will also go to cheer the model boyfriend. It is notable that Georgia became the mother of Ronaldo‘s baby in November last year.

The girl’s name is Alana Martina. This is the fourth child of the footballer. Ronaldo became the father of twins only in June 2017. Their twins were given birth by Surrogate Mother. Ronaldo’s eldest son is named Cristiano Jr. There is a rumor that Jr. has also given rise to Surrogate Mother. Ronaldo’s love life has always been in the limelight. Before Georgia, her long affair was from the Russian model Irina Shayk.

There was a time when it was believed that both of them would get married, but that did not happen. They both lived together for 5 years. After the separation, the model had made several allegations, including cheating Ronaldo.

Real Madrid star and Shayk started dating Armani in 2010 after meeting on the sets of Aid. Both of them had made headlines from the Nude photoshoot for the cover page of Spain’s Vogue magazine in 2014.
Affair with many

Earlier, Ronaldo’s name has been associated with Kim Kardashian, tennis star Maria Sharapova and Paris Hilton. Apart from these, many other women also claimed to have the physical relationship with Ronaldo. However, Ronaldo did not respond to these issues ever since.