By making centuries, Marsh Brothers changed the history

Marsh Brothers, who scored hundreds of cats in the same innings, became the third pair of Australian brothers. In the fifth and final Test series against England, Sain and his younger brother Mitchell Marsh has set up specialty clubs in the same innings, which has a pair of two Australian brothers who have the same test The innings score honors score.

It is believed that Chapel Brothers (Een and Greg) received this honor three times, interestingly, twice the time they performed this in the same test, in 1974, in both of the same innings in the same innings in Wellington. The brothers scored the scores when Steve W. Biederman has also won this honor twice.

Australia scored 649 runs in 7 wickets in Sydney Tests, England’s second innings in the second innings of Declined England. Four of them have been beaten up in the last seven and in the match, during that period 757 runs against Chennai in India, 662 in Bharat and Mumbai 631 runs.

This test is the third time in the history when Australia’s number 3 to 6 all the batsman has made more than 75 runs, the third time it was against England and lasted in 1946. In the same Sydney Test, England’s spinner Mason Crane scored 193 runs in the only innings of Australia, which was the most beaten by a debut on any British bowler.

It is clear that the ongoing Ashes series for England’s spinners proved to be very disappointing, which has scored more than 900 runs in just 26 wickets in 266.5 overs. After completing the culprits, Marsh Brothers saved the wickets in emotions

After the match, after completing his century, the first batsman, after completing his century in the first innings of the fifth Ashes Test against England, the brilliance of the British Brothers emotions, The big brothers coming from the other side were locked with them, but they immediately realized that the slogans were in danger, before they got run out at the time of runout. Later Shaan said that he had the mistake that was because of the emotions of the situation.

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