Robots ready to help hotels, airports, and markets

Leading technology firm LG next week offers three helpful robots at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, designed to help humans. According to the company, they have been specially designed for public guidance and assistance in the airport, hotels and shopping mall. These robots have been named ‘Klee’ (CLOI) Robot, which people find and help with humans.

The guide will be used to guide and troubleshoot disturbed passengers at the Robot Airport, another cleaning robot will clear the ashes of the ashes for which the vacuum cleaner is installed. Similarly, the third lawn is a turning robot that will rotate at home and perform various issues and people will be able to control it with a smartphone.
None of the ‘Kawai’ robots’ work but they are designed in the same way. Robot body is made in a special way and the round-face interface has been made. Seeing each robot similarly, but its program is different from others.

Host robots
Host or serving robots are designed for hotels and airports. It can also be posted on security checkpoints and noses. This is a touchscreen on the robot. It also has a tray on which the food can be delivered to the customer’s table. This slide rotates automatically.

Hotel Puerto Robot
The LG has built a portrait robot in hotels that reaches guests’ hospitals, and people escape from the pace of waiting. Apart from this, it is also helpful in paying money and arrival at the hotel (check-in) and departure (Checkout).

Assistant robot in purchase
Shopping robots are designed to help in a big shopping mall and other supermarkets. It has a barcode scanner and it also displays the full shopping list. Through the Smartphone app, the robot tells the people where the item is placed. The LG spokesman said that robots are now ready to help people in those busy places and LG is working on it.

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